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Outpatient - details

Full name:Yao Jia


position: Emergency and Critical Care Specialist

Good at small animal cardiopulmonary resuscitation, shock, acute heart failure, emergency surgery, critical and critical imaging, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, severe infection, respiratory distress syndrome, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, severe nutritional support, acute kidney injury, Dialysis and blood purification treatment of critical illnesses.

In 2013, he took the lead in building an independent small animal ICU ward, and as a lecturer, he started a national academic lecture on small animal acute and critical illness, and promoted the development of small animal acute and critical illness. In 2015, he leaded in establishing the first domestic small animal emergency and critical illness specialist hospital, participated in the exchange of clinical experience in small animal acute and critical illness at home and abroad, participated in the Capital Emergency and Critical Disease Summit Forum, and the Peking Union Medical College International Summit Forum on Emergency Medicine. Won the title of "China Top 100 Pet Physician Award" by the Chinese Veterinary Association, and an outside instructor of South China Agricultural University.