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Outpatient - details

Full name:HaiYan Tian


position:Director/Special Needs Clinic

She has extensive experience in veterinary clinical medicine, especially in Canine and Feline Dermatology, Surgery and TCVM.

She started to engage in pet diagnosis and treatment in 1993, and went to Canada and Germany for a one-year study; completed the European Advanced Veterinary College Dermatology series courses, the University of Florida College of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine acupuncture courses, and obtained the international veterinary acupuncturist certification. Successively served as a special master tutor of Beijing University of Agriculture, a lecturer at the Beijing Pet Doctor Conference, a judge of the National Clinical Pet Doctor Thesis Competition, a judge of the "Eagle Cup" National Small Animal Doctor Skills Competition; she was selected as a special guest of the World Veterinary Dermatology Conference. She is currently the vice chairman of the Beijing Small Animal Diagnosis and Treatment Industry Association and the secretary general of the Small Animal Branch of the Beijing Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society. Won the "Outstanding Young Veterinarian Award", "Industry Special Contribution Award", and "Mars China Outstanding Young Veterinarian" in the Beijing small animal diagnosis and treatment industry.