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GuanShang Animal Hospital implements appointment consultation except emergency

2020-03-12 News type:Important announcement/public information author:admin source: Browse volume:367

During the pandemic prevention and control period, in order to prevent people from gathering, Beijing Ornamental Animal Hospital fully implements "appointment consultation" during non-emergency periods. Please make an appointment in advance before arriving at the hospital.

How to make an appointment in advance:

        You can call the hospital telephone: 62049631 or 62051944 or 62371359 extension 0 to make an appointment.

Pay attention to bringing a pet to the vet:

   ★ Parents please wear masks throughout the visit

   ★ Enter the hospital, please cooperate with the staff at the entrance to measure body temperature

   ★ Maintain a distance of 1 meter with others during treatment, avoid close contact

   ★ Maintain the good medical habits of “one pet and one clinic”