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Electrosurgery is a high-frequency current surgery system used in surgical operating rooms. Electrosurgical equipment has now become an indispensable part of surgery. Equipment for surgical purposes, including ultrasonic scalpel, vascular closure system (Ligasure), etc.


1、Minimally invasive surgery, less surgical trauma, simple postoperative care, fast wound healing; 

2、No ligature is needed to reduce foreign body stimulation in the abdominal cavity, and no foreign body stimulation in the body after closing;

3、Less tissue adhesion, less eschar formation, and fewer postoperative complications; 

4、The cutting and hemostasis speed is fast, reducing intraoperative bleeding, shortening the operation time and greatly reducing the operation risk; 

5、Fast closing speed, no smoke, does not affect the surgical field of vision; 

6、When closed, the local temperature is not high, the heat diffusion is small, and the damage to the surrounding tissue is small; 

7、When closing the blood vessels contained in the tissue bundle, there is no need to separate the tissue.

Our hospital introduced electrosurgical equipment in 2017. At present, Ligasure vascular closure system and ultrasonic scalpel are now widely used in various abdominal operations, especially for tumor surgery. Good clinical effect. Due to the sharpness of the metal blade of the ultrasonic blade, which is more conducive to fine anatomy, the application advantages in some more complicated operations and malignant tumor operations are more significant.