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Canine megaloblastic anemia-details

Type: Teddy

Sex: female

Age: 10 years old

Attending doctor: Zhang Limin

Chief Complaint: Before living in Qingdao, picky eaters, with the owner to Beijing a month ago. In the past week, the dog was found to be lazy, with a slight decrease in diet, lack of energy, vomiting once before coming to the hospital, and other abnormalities were not visible to the naked eye.

Clinical consultation: body temperature 38.2℃, breath 45 times/min, heart rate 130 times/min. Abdominal tension, pain and palpation are not obvious on palpation, and the reaction to the outside is indifferent, and the mucosa is pale.

Laboratory examination: In view of the fact that this dog is too old and has no specific clinical symptoms, conduct laboratory examination after communicating with the animal owner, including: blood routine, biochemistry, pancreatitis, X-ray.

Blood routine and biochemical results:

The specific results are shown in Table 1, Table 2, only abnormal items are listed in the table.

Table 1 Biochemical results

project                                                       result                             Reference range        

Alkaline phosphatase ALKP (U/L)               16↓                                      23~212

Pancreatic amylase AMYL (U/L)                 472↓                                   500~1500

Table 2 Blood routine results

Project                                                     The result                     Reference range

Neutral cell ratio NEUT (%)                        57.4 ↓                                 60~77

Lymphocyte ratio LY (%)                            31.0 ↑                                 12~30

Red blood cell RBC (10^12/L)                    4.07 ↓                                5.5~8.5

Mean red blood cell volume MCV (fL)      106.5 ↑                                60~77

Mean hemoglobin MCH (pg)                     34.9 ↑                              19.5~24.5

Mean platelet volume MPV (fL)                  11.5 ↑                               6.7~11.1

Blood smear test:

Non-anticoagulated blood count 100 white blood cells: neutrophilic granulocytes 2%; neutrophil granulocytes 56%; lymphocytes 31%; monocytes 5%; eosinophils 6%;

Erythrocytes: individuals are too large, and polychromatic erythrocytes are rare

Platelets: the size and shape are abnormal

There were no obvious abnormalities on biochemical examination. The blood routine showed that the number of red blood cells decreased, the average volume of red blood cells increased, the average amount of hemoglobin increased, and the average concentration of hemoglobin was normal.

Diagnosis: Folic acid deficiency megaloblastic anemia.

Treatment regimen: folic acid 2.5mg/time, 2 times/day; VB12 12.5ug/time, 2 times/day.

Doctor's advice: change the diet, it is recommended to eat dog food at full price;

After one week of treatment, the owner reported that the dog's overall condition was significantly improved. After 2 weeks of treatment, there was no obvious abnormality in the blood test results.