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Dear Veterinarians We are moving back to our home country which is the Netherlands on the 14th August 2021. We mover to China back in July 2019 with our dog Gucci, before we cam to China we carried out all necessary government requirements to bring him into the country, he will be 14 years old in December and has full EU passport with all health checks and necessary vaccinations like Rabies, he also has a blood test confirming his antibody titre test. During our stay here in China we ensured that his health examinations happened on time and he has reciprocal his yearly Rabies vaccinations which include a certificate and red book, we have also had his blood checked again back on the 5th July 2021 of which the outcome was good, 5.92IU/ml. we have received the information from our local government in the Netherlands that Gucci has no issues to fly back with us and enter the country on the 14th but before he is allowed out of the country, he would need to undergo a final export health check which i have been advised I should come to you for this. Looking forward to your reply on how to proceed Andrew Price 138 1055 9094

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hello,nice to meet you. my colleague already called you. It is our pleasure to help you with your dog export procedures.