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Is it harmful for cat owners to use insect repellent electric mosquito coils? On pyrethrum poisoning

Attention! Summer is coming, there are more mosquitoes, and it is time to use various mosquito repellent products. So do you know that the use of insect repellent products is harmful to cats? (such as electric mosquito coils, insecticides, pesticides, cleaning agents, etc.).

Because the main ingredients of these products contain "pyrochlore" which poisons cats, when the owner chooses deworming products, please pay attention to check the ingredients and avoid buying products containing pyrethrum ingredients.


Common pyrethrum names:

Pyrethrum, Pyrethrins, Allethrin, pynamin, Bioallethrin (Esdpallethrine), Decis, Decamethrin, Cypermethrin, Ripcord, Fenvalerate, Sumicidin, Phenovalerate, Kestril, Permethrin, Barthrin.

What is pyrethrum?

The natural chemical ingredients that are commonly used to repel insects will quickly invade the nervous system when exposed to pests, causing excessive excitement, movement disorders, rapid coma, and paralysis. It has a strong repellent effect, but cats Pyrethrum cannot be metabolized. Cats will have neurological symptoms if they are poisoned, convulsions, vomiting, irregular tremor, and epilepsy; critical conditions may cause liver failure and death. If the cat is found to be similarly poisoned or suspected to be poisoned, please immediately send it to the animal hospital for treatment; usually the symptoms will gradually ease within 3 days, otherwise the chance of death is high.

Why do I light mosquito coils at home, but the cat is fine?

Maybe some masters say, why do I light mosquito coils at home, but the cat is fine? Because in a ventilated environment, the mosquito coils can also absorb a small amount of pyrethrum, and will not immediately produce obvious symptoms. However, the cat’s liver is inherently different from other animals, and it relatively lacks the ability to metabolize pyrethrum. Even if the cat inhales a small amount of pyrethrum, it will almost completely stay in the body, and it is difficult to be metabolized, resulting in protein degeneration, brain nervous system damage, and organ failure. even death. Not only will it cause long-term damage, it is also difficult to recover from cat poisoning.