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How to judge the age of a dog

Dogs of different ages have different characteristics. The Age of dogs can be judged from their teeth, expressions, quilts, sleep conditions, physical conditions, etc.


① teeth

There are no teeth in the mouth of newborn puppies, and the 28 Deciduous teeth basically grow out at the age of February. Permanent canine teeth are replaced between June and October, and all deciduous teeth from to are replaced with permanent teeth, there are 42 in total. After one and a half years old, the tip of the cutting tooth begins to wear out, and the first cutting tooth can be worn into oval shape at the age of 7. The older the dog is, the more serious the wear is. Some dogs over 10 years old begin to lose their teeth.

Puppies will itch their teeth during tooth changing, and they always like to bite things. They can choose some snacks to grind their teeth to grind their teeth. Grinding their teeth can not only reinforce their teeth, but also clean their teeth to prevent oral diseases.

② body

The body of a young and middle-aged dog will be relatively strong, and the body will be very light and active when exercising. The old dog over 10 years old begins to behave slowly and walk slowly, therefore, we should pay more attention to the state of the dog during exercise at ordinary times and take the dog to exercise at ordinary times. Exercise can enhance the dog's physique and is more conducive to physical and mental health.

③ quilt

Generally speaking, the hair near the dog's mouth will turn white first when it is 7 years old, and then slowly extend to the whole face and back. If 70% of the dog's head hair has turned white, then the dog is over 10 years old, and if all the dog's head turns white, this means that the dog is over 13 years old.

④ look

Young dogs are energetic, a little timid and curious about the world. Young and middle-aged dogs are more confident, with active expressions, vivid and active eyes. Some dogs will vent their dissatisfaction through sabotage. However, the old dogs will be relatively lazy. They will always stay aside and sleep. They no longer like sports and have distracted eyes. Moreover, their reaction speed will be slow. When they are young, they will be grumpy, at this time, it will be much milder.

⑤ sleep

The middle-aged dog will sleep on time, and sleep soundly, and always sleep until dawn; While the elderly dog's sleep quality is not good, always sleep in pieces, easy to wake up, and the sleep time will be longer and longer, very much like people. If you see that the dog has poor sleep quality and is always sleepy, you should pay attention to the health of the dog.

⑥ gene detection

Now we can also scientifically judge the biological age of dogs by detecting telomeres. Some dogs will detect younger age than the actual age, which shows that dogs have great physical function, it is very likely to live a long life ~